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Company History

After being established in 2012, IONsoft has made variable business track record on online contents service and securities solution market. Endlessly, IONsoft has challenging new mobile service market and make new business opportunity.

BEGINNING : 2011 - 2012

  • Establish IONsoft as a joint venture with I-ON Communications from Korea, Barrona Venture PTE. LTD from Singapore, and Aiti Investment from Indonesia
  • Provide Mobile Trading System And VOD eLearning Solution to PT. Etrading Sekuritas
  • Provide Content Management System and Community Solution to PT. Indoportal Nusatara for build
  • Provide Total Payment Gateway System Include MPI Service To PT. IONPay
  • Provide News Mobile APP And Media Homepage to PT. Fajar

GROWTH : 2013 - 2014

  • Launching Cartoon Based Mobile Messenger ‘IYAA Messenger’ On Play Google, App Store, Blackberry Market
  • Launching Alumni SNS Application, ‘Alumni’ on Play Google
  • Provide Mobile Marketing APP and Home Page to KTO (Korea Tourism Organization) and Consulting SEO
  • Provide homepage and PAGI Android APP to PT. Inko Sinar Media (Jakarta Biz Daily)

  • Launching Mobile Forum and Chatting App: ‘Dia.Lo.Gue’’
  • Provide Mobile Trading System to PT. Mandiri Sekuritas
  • Launching Fun Story SNS APP ‘Loebanget’
  • Launching LBS Based Image Share Application: ‘Fotato’
  • Launching One-Click Balance Solution Application: ‘Pulsaku’
  • Provide Total Mobile Trading System and Home Trading System to MNC Sekuritas


IONsoft constitute of 3 business departments:

  • Development Team
  • Operating Team
  • UX And UI Team
  • Marketing And Sales
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Business Area

‘Total Solution’ provides service in planning & consulting, analytics & design, development of Web Content Management Solution, Enterprise Content Management, Securities Total Platform and Smart Mobility.

1. Securities Major Track Record in Indonesia:

  • PT. Mandiri Sekuritas:
    • Mobile Gateway Server
    • Mobile Trading System (iPhone, Android Phone, iPad, Android Tab)
  • MNC Sekuritas:
    • HTS Server and Client, FEP System, UXgen System
    • MTS (iPhone, Android Phone, iPad, Android Tab)
  • PT. eTrading Sekuritas (KDB Daewoo Securities):
    • New MTS System (Blackberry, iPhone, Android Phone)
    • Improve Mobile Trading System (iPhone, Android Phone)
    • Android Tab App
    • e-Learning System, Broadcasting Service
  • Others:
    • PT. IONpay: Payment Gateway Service System
    • IYAA.COM: Aggregation Portal System
    • KTO Indonesia: Web, Mobile App

2. Securities Project in South Korea:

  • KDB Daewoo Securities:
    • iPhone
    • Android Phone
    • iPad, Android Tab
  • KT Olleh Securities (Korea Telecom):
    • Online Trading ASP Service System
    • iPhone, Android Phone, iPad, Android Tab
    • Total ASP Service System
  • Hanwha Securities:
    • Online Trading System
    • iPhone, Android Phone, iPad, Android Tab
  • Others:
    • Dongyang Securities: Mobile Trading System
    • Shinyoung Securities: Online Trading System
    • HMC Investment Securities (Hyundai): Online Trading System, Customer Asset Management System

3. Worldwide Customers I

As a leading provider in Content Management field for 14 years, I-ON Content Server achieved the recognition for its reliable and stable products in the entire world.

4. Worldwide Customers II

I-ON Communications gained the most market share from 2007 to 2012 in WCM field in the strict Japanese market through outstanding product quality and reliable relationship with its clients. We are going to present our differenciated Content Management Solution to the whole world in 2013 through our world-standard technology.