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  1. iST3 (Total Securities Trading System Architecture)
  2. The increasing of domestic economic growth has resulted in financial services demand. We see it as potential market to help client in financial and securities sector. IONsoft provide comprehensive service of a wide range integrated system for financial solutions.Our total securities trading system includes : Back Office System, Client System, Market Info Management System, and Real Time Order System.


  3. iOTS (Online Trading System)
  4. iOTS provide the best solution performance for current and future financial market demand.Client can use Mobile Trading System and Home Trading System for trading. As a user friendly system, it’s also designed
    to provide fast and stable order execution. Such as a useful charts and various convenient function. fotato

  5. e.Form Contract System
  6. A cloud based eco-friendly solution for promotion, counseling, contracting and save in system at once.Available in mobile device like iPad or Tablet PC.

    We solve problems as below:

    • Difficult to read
      Problems with unclear handwritten data for financial institutions
    • Difficult to store paper documents
      Copy, scan, fax, file transmission, security, storage place cost, hard to search
    • Slow down the business process on-site
      Interrupt fast business process


    • Cost-cutting & Paperless Office
      Paper application, document acquisition, data management, etc
    • Less human resource
      Cost-efficiency on human resource usage
    • Revenue increase by subscriber
      Increase number of subscriber in various fields where need paper based documents
    • Secure customer privacy
      Protect with non-repudiation function and information leakage prevention


  7. MTS (Mobile Trading System)
  8. MTS (Mobile Stock Trading System) gives services in stock and gift trading information from carrier provider or securities company by using featured or smart phone


    • User-oriented Service
      Innovative UI and features upon device performance
    • Investment information
      Content expansion in Channel K Broadcast, ELW & Financialproduct
    • Secured System
      Stabilized server system through clustering, dualization and stable servicing without system failure or stress
    • Flexible system
      Scalable server system utilizing maximized service, modularization and standard structure in order to accept various business requirement without no limit on VM application volume


    • General Index
      Updates Korean Index (KOSPI,KOSDAQ) and foreign Index (NASDAQ, Dow,etc.)
    • Stock Quotes
      Stock futures, ELW, gift and exchange rate, Information of stock, investment and market trend
    • Stock trading through MTS